Dreaming of spring

No crochet time tonight – I’ve got a big boring pile of work to do. But I’m being cheered up by this:


And a bag of mini eggs and Bruce Springsteen on the radio. Can you tell I’m ready for winter to be over?! Can’t wait for the daffodils to open up.

I can’t help thinking that my jam jar vase needs a crocheted jacket though… Inspiration to get my work done so I can start hooking! I hope no one’s being too adversely affected by the snow – we haven’t had any to speak of here, and I’m so grateful!

Crossing my fingers for some warmer weather soon 🙂

Edited to add: Duh! I had the perfect solution next to me all along! My fab friend crocheted me this lovely mug warmer – it fits around the jar beautifully. Her stitches are so neat, I’m jealous.


Incidentally, I saw this friend and her children on the weekend. Her 8 month little boy was using the blanket I knitted for her now two year old when she was born. It’s not as fluffy as it once was, but I was so happy to see it again, and clearly so well-loved 🙂 heart warming!

And no, I haven’t finished my work yet. I keep faffing with jam jars and mug warmers instead…